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Rushing Oil & Gas Consultants

Providing Services to:
Oil & Gas Working & Royalty Interest Owners

      -Accounting Services
-Litigation Support
-Estate Settlement
-Title Research


Rushing Oil & Gas Consultants

801 S. Fillmore
 Suite 465
Amarillo, Texas  79101



Rushing Oil & Gas Consultants (ROGC) knows the oil and gas industry. 

They know the challenges faced and can provide clients with cost-effective alternatives through a range of services that can add value to their bottom line.

Offering comprehensive support in one place provides high quality, less costly service.  Utilizing state-of-the art software designed solely for the oil & gas industry, increases speed and efficiency with direct import of automated transactions from oil & gas purchasers. 

Clients may access their accounts online enabling them to sign checks and view their accounts from anywhere in the world.  Other cutting edge software assists in drilling, production and ownership data. 

    - Revenue & Expense Reporting by Well
    - Joint Interest Billing Verification
    - 1099 Processing
    - Payroll and Tax Reports

Accounting Services
    -Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Financial Statements
    -Reporting for Regulation Compliance
    -General Accounting Supervision

Litigation Support
    -Alleviate High Legal Fees
    -Ownership Dispute Resolution
    -Negotiate Revenue and Billing Discrepancies
    -Resolve Gas Imbalances

Estate Settlement
    -Transfer Assets
    -Collection Tracking
    -Resolution of Title & Heirship Disputes

Title Research
    -Determine Property Rights
    -Collect Suspended Revenue
    -Obtain Legal Documents & Process for Clear Title

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